Social responsibility and philanthropy:_

We believe that there is a responsibility on us in addition to our core business in the industrial, commercial and services,
To highlight the positive impact in the community, and so we have adopted a strategy of promoting social and economic 
Development by working in partnership with local communit and relevant authorizes and here we take this vision in 
Mind , we try to play an important role in all of the fundamental piilars off our society as a response beautiful home,
In this sense we adopt a number of projects that focus on community interest (( ketbna)) scientific chairs in universities 
And help the needy through the (( bureau)) charity CO. special jeraisy group also technical training and technical support 
For the rehabilitation of national (( caders )) through partnership programs student that are signed with universities to prepare 
Student expected to graduated and recent graduated the labor market, as well as participating in national events and charities 
That provide specialized achieve societal interest .