Social Responsibility

We believe that, in addition to our main work in the fields of industry, commerce and services, we have a responsibility to make a positive impact on society. And so, we adopted a strategy to support continuous social and economic development through working in partnerships with local societies and other concerned parties. Having taken this vision into consideration, we try to play an important part in all fundamental aspects of our society as a means to show gratitude for our country. From this point, we are embarking on a number of projects that serve our society, such as adopting academic chairs in universities and helping those in need through the Charity Office of Jeraisy Group Company, in addition to offering technical and technological trainings to habilitate national cadres through student partnership programs that are formed with universities to prepare undergraduates and newly graduates for the business market. We also participate in national events and charities that offer special services that work in the best interest of our society.

Join Us
Choosing the management team at Jeraisy Group Company is an important element, as the team is comprised of a group of highly-qualified individuals in management who work on a professional level in both general and specialized managements and are able to press an advantage in different management works.
We invite you to become a part of the work environment that distinguishes the employees of Jeraisy Group Company and work with talented, high-spirited people whose ambition is limitless. We are talking here about 5.000 individuals who work contently in this establishment; for we are very certain that the quality of any given company is derived from the quality of its employees, which is why the Company invests in training them and developing their skills.